Sunday, January 29, 2012

ZL Daily #56 - Computex 2011: ASUS PadFone, ASUS UX21, ASUS Eee PC X101...

Today was the day before Computex 2011. Even though the event hasn't started tons of things happened relating to technology especially with ASUS. So ASUS announced the ASUS PadFone which was previously leaked, teased, and trademarked. It's in the mockup stage right now but it should be running Ice Cream Sandwich. It's a 10-inch tablet along with a 4.3-inch phone. The phone docks into the tablet using USB and HDMI. It's going to arrive around Christmas time. ASUS also announced a new ultraportable notebook called the ASUS UX21. The UX21 will be a very thin notebook at only 17mm thick and it only weighs 2.4 pounds. So it's a very thin and light machine. Plus it has a lot of power with a SATA III SSD and a USB 3.0 port. Plus it will have a Core i7 processor inside the aluminium chassis which will perform very well. It's supposed to arrive on the market this September. ASUS also announced a new netbook to add to the Eee PC lineup. The netbook is called the Eee PC X101. The X101 will be the cheapest netbook market when it arrives at only $200. Plus it will be very thin and light. Too bad it's only running MeeGo although at this point in time MeeGo is better than Chrome OS. So this is a nice cheap netbook that's really going to compete well with Google's ChromeBooks. Articles used: Blog: Twitter

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