Friday, August 19, 2011

DLC 10.2' Resistive Touch Screen Notebook Tablet PC Notebook Laptop Netbook DiPad DLC Enterprises introduced the Tablet PC Notebook 10" inch Touch Screen 360 degrees with an Intel Atom processor HP 1.66MHZ is similar in size and design, 160GB hard drive and be one of the best notebook our market. This notebook currently you have Window XP operating system. This laptop has an Intel Atom is the name of a line of x86 microprocessors from Intel, formerly called Silverthorne Diamondville. It processes the data that the user runs. In the Atom, the ยต-ops can contain both internal storage memory load as in connection with an ALU operation, being more similar to x86 level and more powerful than those used in previous designs. This allows a relatively good performance with only two integer ALUs. It has a 10.2 inch LCD screen, bright and improve the visual quality of the photos, videos, programs etc ... and much better for your eye health. So keep enjoying and watching the technological changes that both we merge it today. In addition to his fine panel is the finest in the market, being so light weighs only 4 lb approx. So being more easy to transport to school, college, work or special activities. This laptop model is 802.11 WLAN or WiFi to connect in places with WiFi or wireless internet reception to surf the internet in these hotspots such as hotels, BK, McDonalds, etc. To be able to connect to your most used pages such as Facebook, MySpace, etc. It has a 160GB hard drive that allows you to store a large ...

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